The Importance of Having an Oil Change

The Importance of Having an Oil ChangeKeeping your car in top working order requires regular maintenance. No maintenance is more common than an oil change.

Why Get Have Your Car Serviced

The main reason for an oil change is to help keep the engine running smooth. The liquid acts as a lubricant on the entire engine’s moving parts. As the lubricant gets used, contaminants build up inside the liquid. This sludge makes it more difficult for parts of the engine to move freely. As this occurs, you may feel that your car is not running properly. The engine may start cutting out or stop working completely due to overheating. If the parts have to work harder to move, the engine is going to heat up even more.

Conventional vs Synthetic

There are a couple of different types that can be used in your engine. You can choose what is known as conventional, and it is usually the cheapest. This version will help reduce the build-up of contaminants in the engine itself, as well as reduce friction on parts. It is created through a distillation of crude

How You Can Help Your New Stereo Fit In

How You Can Help Your New Stereo Fit InAftermarket car stereos are built to a standard. While this means they will fit almost any type of car, it also means they’re not designed to match the style of any discrete brand. Fascia adaptors are plastic, clip-on frames which blend your new stereo into the pre-existing design of your car.

Lots of people want the best stereo for their car. Whether you’re after top sound quality, if you want to be able to listen to digital radio on the go, get better reception or an integrated LCD screen, it can be an exciting purchase. But there’s a problem a lot of people don’t consider until they come to fit the stereo; it doesn’t look right. To fit your new stereo you’ve had to take off the fascia that surrounded the old one, and now it won’t fit back on again. A fascia adaptor can help. They’re available in both single and double DIN sizes and will help blend your new car stereo into your old car design.

“DIN” is short for “Deutsche Industrie Norm” and is, as the name

How Automobile Computers Work

How Automobile Computers WorkAuto computers are found in nearly all cars on the road. They are imperative for controlling the inner workings of the car, and they can even be useful for helping mechanics to diagnose what’s wrong with a car when one needs repairing. So many people have car computers and yet they have no idea how any of them work.

To Begin

It’s important to understand that a car will have at least one computer, and maybe even more. The most widely used computers in cars, though, are the Engine Control Module (ECM), the ABS computer, a climate control computer, and a body ride control unit. Some vehicles may have all of these and some may have only one of these, but it depends entirely on the make and model of the vehicle itself.


The ECM will be found on the large majority of cars and acts as the main computer for the car; it may also be referred to as the programmable control module. The role of the ECM is to process the inputs and outputs which come through the sensors on a vehicle. Some sensors are designed to provide information for

2017-GMC Canyon with Advanced Features

gmc-canyon-with-advanced-featuresThe 2017 GMC Canyon is one of the superior trucks, which are as similar to the 2017 Chevrolet Colorado which was launched recently. The interior and exterior designing is of greater quality and having mechanically advanced technology used in it.

It has the revised engine which is of higher capability with 3.6 litre V-6 and higher transmission speed. The vehicle also has the applications of All Terrain trim level which fitted well giving highly exotic look.

Enhancing features

Similar to the 2017 Chevrolet Colorado, the 2017 Canyon has enhancing features which includes high speed engine along with perfect valve timing, direct injection option and the also gets 3 horsepower  6 lb-ft of torque when the cylinder gets deactivated.

GM’s ubiquitous Hydra-Matic 8L45 is of eight speed auto new Terrain-X trim instead of previous six speeds. The combination of V-6 along with eight-speed can be rated at 7,000 pounds and it is the maximum trailering capacity.

All Terrain package comes with many advanced features which are included in 2017 Canyon Auto New Terrain X.  It is the most advanced model in the list having standard Goodyear

Recreational Vehicle Batteries

RV Tip of the Day… RV Batteries – There are two uses for batteries, coach and house batteries. Coach batteries are those that are used to start the RV. These are normal 12 v car or truck type batteries and are designed to provide a lot of amperage for a short period of time. The house batteries are deep cycle batteries which are designed to provide a lower amperage for a much longer period of time.

Most of us will understand the coach batteries and can tell when it is time to replace them. They will last 3-5 years. You can tell when a coach battery starts to go bad in that it has trouble starting the engine, cranks slow or dies pretty quickly when the lights are left on. Maintenance and inspection will be covered below.

House batteries are a little more difficult to cover simply because of the wide range of use and types available. Let’s start with the purpose. House batteries are designed to run everything in the rig, from the lights to the fans and heaters. Almost everything in the RV uses electric from the batteries. As such these need to provide

Useful Tips To Sell Your RV Online

Selling your RV is easy if you can manage the sales process efficiently. Whether you wish to sell your vehicle via a dealer or privately, promoting your recreational vehicle on the internet is important. If you are wondering, “how do I sell my RV online”, make your internet ad as attractive as possible. Here are five tips to help you sell your rig:

1. Design the Ad Page Carefully

Your vehicle’s ad page or vehicle detail page is the first contact point where you get to interact or exchange information with your potential customers. When buyers land on your page, they should get all the answers to their questions. Your customers may ask about the RV’s interiors, its overall condition and the history of the rig. Make sure you design your ad page to work as a digital salesperson. Provide as much information as possible to your prospective customers.

2. Post Multiple High-resolution Photos

Some independent surveys show that an ad page with more than 30 photos attracts more buyers than one having fewer visuals. Choose images that are bright and not blurry. You must also avoid photos that are dark and gloomy. Post

How To Buy A Limousine Bus

If you are looking for an investment that gives you good returns, a limousine bus is a great option. It may be used in a variety of industries like schools, colleges, churches, tourism, airports, rental agencies, retirement communities and so on. So, there is a broad spectrum of consumers who are looking to rent a limousine bus ranging from campuses across the country to churches, businesses, nonprofit organizations and so on. Here are a few important tips that can help you buy the right limousine bus.

  1. The most important thing to remember when making such a large investment is quality. As far as a motor vehicle is concerned, much of the quality depends on the chassis of the vehicle. It is advisable to buy buses that have been built on the chassis of reputed brands in the auto industry like Ford and Chevrolet.
  2. Size is an important consideration. Limousine buses are available in a variety of sizes. The larger the bus, the pricier it will be. Of course, when seating capacity increases, the returns derived from the bus also go up. That said, limousine buses with a seating capacity of 15 passengers find more rental business because these

What Should You Look for in RV Storage

If you are like most RV owners, you don’t really have a place that you can safely store your vehicle without using a professional facility. Unfortunately, finding the right facility can sometimes be difficult, especially if you want to keep some regular gear stashed in your travel trailer. When you need to find RV storage, it helps to know exactly what you are looking for in a facility so you can better store your RV without fear of theft or damage.

The first consideration that most people factor in when it comes to RV storage is the security offered by the facility. Besides the fact that you do not want your trailer damaged, you most likely keep a variety of gear or equipment ready so you don’t have to transport it back and forth. One feature to look for is a location that includes after hours guards to monitor the premises. In addition to regular video surveillance and an appropriate gate system, security guards should prevent most potential thieves and vandals.

Second, you should consider where the RV storage facility is in relation to your home. You want to find someplace that is close enough that

Finding A Car Locksmith You Can Rely On

There are so many situations that can make it necessary for you to seek the assistance of a car locksmith. If you find that you have lost your car keys and have no spare readily available, then this professional can help you in replacing the lost key. There are also so many issues of broken car keys. In such cases a good car locksmith will not only help you open the car, but will also help you retract the broken key and create new keys so you can continue enjoying your car.

Lockouts are also common meaning that you could forget your keys inside the car only to realize it when the car has auto locked itself. Your car locksmith will have a solution to open the car and help you retrieve your locked in keys. Basically, whatever car lock situation you are in, you will get a solution for it. But then you also need to make sure you choose a professional specializing in this field you can trust by quickly looking at a few aspects.

Types of keys – When evaluating your car locksmith, consider what keys he can comfortably handle. A good and

Common Car Radiator Problems That Conscientious Car Owners Should Check

Car radiator problems are common among car owners and should be one of the main concerns for new drivers. Due to the nature of the heat and pressure that the car’s cooling system is exposed to, it is normal that at a certain point parts or even the entire radiator would eventually break down. Below are common problems that may arise when it comes to the car’s radiator.


The car’s engine needs the cooling system to work properly and if you find that the car seems to be hotter than usual, there may be a problem with the radiator hose. The radiator hose connects the radiator to the coolant system and after prolonged usage, it will eventually wear down. This causes the coolant to leak and eventually fail. One way to prevent this is to ensure that the hose is replaced periodically. If there are signs of wear and tear, it can be patched; however, it is better to replace the old hose with a new one to prevent any untoward accidents or problems.

Leaks not only occur with the radiator hose but also on the radiator itself. Check the fittings, headers and tubes

Signs That Tells You Not To Become Mobile Car Mechanic

If you have decided to read this article, there are three possible scenarios. One, you have decided to start a business of your own but have no idea of what to do. Second, you have some knowledge about car servicing and want to adopt the mobile mode right from day one. The third one, which is the most likely scenario, is that you have your own garage or have worked long enough in a garage to learn the ropes and tricks of the trade and is now looking for a change.

Whatever the case may be, being a mobile car mechanic is not an easy task. There are several factors that will decide the success of your venture. The difficult part is that there is no readymade prescription that you can follow to make it click. Yes, there are thousands of guidelines and ‘How To’ articles that have been written to help you succeed. But there are very few pieces written to make you aware of the dangers, challenges and pitfalls that you need to overcome, circumvent or avoid completely.

This is the most important mistake that every entrepreneur or self-employed persons make – not to

Do I Have to Rotate My Cars Tyres

The avid driver and car enthusiast will tell you that you should check your tyres, rotate your wheels, check the wheel alignment, and balance your wheels. Yet, many people are not sure about this and ask whether they should have their car’s tyres rotated. They also don’t really know how it should be done, either.

Do you have to rotate your car’s tyres? In a nutshell, the answer is yes. You have to rotate your car’s tyres. This is essential for the longevity of your car’s tyres and would mean that you don’t have to change them too often.

Why do you have to rotate your car’s tyres? The main reason for doing this is to achieve a uniform wear on all the tyres. All four tyres should, theoretically, wear at the same pace. The left tyres shouldn’t get worn quicker than the ones on the right hand side of the car. This process also ensures that irregularities related to the tyres are avoided.

When do you have to rotate your car’s tyres? This has to be done periodically and should form part of the tyre maintenance. If you take your car in for a

Tips To Maintain Your Hydraulic System

Hydraulic systems might seem complicated, but they are not as bad as many people think. Regular maintenance practices can get you familiar with the components so that you are able to diagnose potential issues before they graduate into serious problems. Hydraulic system components work closely together and one damaged component can therefore lead to damages in others.

The systems usually have hoses, lines, motors, cylinders and pumps as well as filters and valves among others. The larger components like the pumps and cylinders and motors are interconnected by fittings, line and hoses. Learning simple maintenance practices can go a long way in keeping your system in top shape.

Preventative tips

Prevention of issues is the best approach with any system. Start by ensuring that contaminants are kept out of the system to keep failures and common problems at bay. In case you suspect contamination, then you can take other measures.

· Clean out the area on dip sticks and fill hydraulic filters and plugs before removing to check or change the fluid. Pour hydraulic fluid directly into your system and keep all fluid containers sealed tightly when storing.

· Consider changing the filter

Repairs Never To Do On Your Own

It’s easy to want to save money when it comes to car repairs. Oil changes and fluid replacements are simple tasks that many people do in the comfort of their own garage. Major repairs, however, are not something that should be done at home. Simple mistakes can lead to bigger issues and costlier repairs in the long run. Here are three car repairs you should never try at home.

1. Transmission Maintenance or Repair

Your transmission is one of the most intricate parts under your hood. Transmissions consist of thousands of small parts, and narrow passageways for hydraulic fluid. With so many parts and pieces, all essential to the performance and functionality of your transmission, there is a lot that can go wrong, and none of the scenarios are kind to your pocket.

Transmission repairs and maintenance should be left to professionals well versed in the intricate workings of this particular part.

2. Timing Belt Replacement

For your engine to run properly, it is essential that the necessary valves open and close at the appropriate times your engine intakes and exhausts. The synchronization of these valves are controlled by the crankshaft or camshaft(s),

What To Do When Your Wheels Start to Wobble

When something goes wrong or sounds strange during a driving journey, you tend to get a bit stressed. You wonder what is happening, what is that noise, and how are you going to find the problem to fix it? One of those noises could be the wheels that start to wobble.

This can be a frightful sound and realisation. No one wants to hear their wheels wobble or making a noise while you’re driving. This tends to happen to a small number of people. The reasons that it may occur could be that you had a new wheel fitted and the mechanic didn’t tighten the nuts on the mag wheels. Or perhaps the nuts on the mag wheels have worn out because they haven’t been checked in a long time. It is essential that you check your wheels and tyres on a regular basis to avoid such occurrences.

So you are driving on the highway on your way to work and you hear this strange sound coming from the side of your car. It sounds like a periodical thud; a dull knocking sound against the vehicle. When you hear this sound or any unusual sound for

Simple Steps For Installing Car Speakers

After purchasing either a component stereo system or a full-range system the question of installing those car speakers arises. Now the easy choice could be to hire a professional to do that for you but others with a passion for cars and stereo systems won’t go for the easy way. Now if you already have installed car speakers before then it won’t be much of a hassle for you but for new comers it can get tricky at some points. You just need to follow the instructions exactly the way they are and you’re done. First of all remove all the old speakers and its wire to avoid any further confusion and mix ups.

Neatly remove the old wires, grills and panels from your car. Disconnect those wires properly as well so that no electrical current is passing through them anymore. If you are planning on installing your new speakers into the same location then built-in wiring system can be used but if you have chosen a different location for your speakers then you will have to add some new wires in your car. Adding up new wires brings us to another pickle which is best to

Why You Need a Car Camera

At last there is a decent car camera available which will record what happens outside and inside the car. It not only gives you video and sound, but the exact GPS location of any incident, using Google Maps. Essential for police evidence, the time and date is also recorded.

Traffic Violations

If you are accused of running a red light, or now with the new law change, an orange light, you have dated and timed proof to prove your innocence.

The camera also records driving speeds so that you can have proof of the speed you were travelling. If you aren’t the one driving the car, again you have a video of the inside of the car so your licence doesn’t get penalised.


However careful you are when out on the road the same can’t be said for other road users. If someone for instance cuts you up causing an accident, you would be able to show the true story via your camera recording.

If you are in a contact accident the movement triggers the camera to record a new file on the Micro SD card, marking it as sensor recording.

How Can You Improve Your Car Audio System

You will be thinking to improve your existing car audio system with better devices. But will be having so many confusions regarding the technical aspects. Don’t worry I will help you to have a good quality audio system by caring a little bit about the devices that you use. Here there is some tips with which you can select better audio equipments.

You may be heard about amplifier, which will take the sound signals from the main sound equipment and pass it to the speakers. For the better clarity in sound and loudness you have to install good quality amplifiers in your car. Not only quality it should suit the type of speakers installed in your car.

Most of you will be interested in high volume while you are driving your car. It will make you alert and awake. If you here some mailed low volume music you will feel more sleepy and less energetic. It is proved that high volume music will reduce the chance of accidents because the drivers will be more careful while listening to this type of music.

In order to have this loud music in your car you should first

Is There a Solution for Distracted Driving

Paying attention while driving is the number one way to avoid distracted driving accidents. Not using a mobile device while behind the wheel can make all the difference. Using such a device while driving can have deadly results. Even though texting while driving is against the law in many states and localities, it hasn’t seemed to make much of a difference. According to the National Safety Council, in 2013 there were 1.1 million distracted driving accidents nationwide. The United States Department of Transportation cited over 3,000 fatalities and more than 400,000 injuries caused by some form of distracted driving.

What is Distracted Driving?

Distracted driving can involve a variety of actions. From using a cell phone to texting to eating while driving, all of these things can be considered to cause a distraction. Even just talking while behind the wheel to dealing with noisy kids in the backseat can take your attention off of the road. Using a hands free device does not offer much of a difference, although the perception is that it is a good solution. When your attention is elsewhere, there are studies that show you look, but do not actually see. In

Is Window Tinting Right for Your Car Truck or SUV

While the majority of vehicle makes and models come straight from the factory with whatever features you might have specified, those assembly lines can only go so far in personalizing your vehicle. After all, that’s why the mobile accessories industry is so lucrative! Think about it: from aftermarket wheels to car audio speakers to remote car starters, there’s no end to the list of customizable options for your car, truck, or SUV. One of those options is automotive window tinting, and it’s becoming hugely popular among all types of vehicle owners across the country. With a number of added benefits, including improved aesthetics and increased safety, tinted window films are certainly something to consider the next time you’re in the market for a brand-new car accessory–but that doesn’t necessarily mean you need them. It’s important to weigh the purported benefits of automotive window tint with what you actually look for in a car accessory.

Perhaps the most attractive characteristic of car window tinting is the fact that it outfits vehicles with constant protection from the sun. That means it blocks out all of the sun’s harmful effects, ostensibly to keep you, your passengers, and your vehicle safe.

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